Company  Mission

Our mission is to preserve and restore buildings to their original luster. Such buildings require expert craftsmanship in order to maintain the aesthetics and integrity. Many of these structures are significant within our community and even on a national level.  We provide restoration and renovation services with a level of quality and integrity exceeding the client’s expectations. Award-winning quality, world class service, and uncompromising honesty are the hallmarks of Abraxas Inc.

Proper Assessment

Proper assessment and the resulting plan of action is very important in many businesses and none more so than restoration and renovation work.  In certain aspects of restoration, this proper assessment is as important as the skill of the work itself, and may mean success or failure for a project. Many smaller contractors have skilled workmen but lack the professional and technical resources to properly assess and diagnose the more challenging aspects of restoration and renovation projects.

Skilled Artisans and Quality Control

Abraxas employs many skilled artisans in the building trades. They are accomplished in every aspect of their work including client relations, job management, and dedication to perfection that make them such a fantastic team.

Quality Control is #1 and assures that our jobs are completed to a uniformly, high standard. However, we address much more than the quality, we work with our personnel on everything from the initial client contact to the handling of administrative, technical, and safety training, as well as checking all jobs to make sure that they are being handled and completed to the highest standards.  This assures our clients satisfaction on each project. Overall company quality is the main reason Abraxas is WNY’s most trusted name in restoration and renovation.